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    Ignacio Ossandón Domínguez born in Santiago, CHILE in January 1959. He studies primary school in Tabancura College and Saint-George College. Son of Rodrigo Ossandón Vicuña and Magdalena Domínguez Errázuriz.

    After studies in Contemporaneous Art Institute (1980-1985) he dedicates to iconographic painting, murals, primary in chapels and parishes around the world, and other techniques such as oils, engravings, watercolors and drawings. He also teaches iconography.

    In 2006 he married María Paz Vial V., widow of Francisco Recabarren Medeiros, mother of 6 children, actress and theatre's director.

    Why to paint murals in churches? "This question I have done it many times and always the Holy Spirit gives me the same answer 'because it is my will' (God's will). Paint parishes with an art based on the oriental iconographic tradition is evangelize the people of God. These are images that transmit the peace and joy of the Lord without being childish or affected. 'I am aware that the love to the beauty will not save the world, but the beauty of Christian love.' (John Paul II). 'I use you as an instrument to evangelize through of icons and catechesis', the Lord says me. This painting is a service to the community." The important thing is that all these painting is in function of the people of God, children, men, women, fathers, mothers and sons, to enable them to find in the contemplation of these paintings that static emotion that help them in their way of faith.

    Painting of icons is not against engravings, drawings or abstract tables. I think that for an artist is not good to be type casted in just one thing but everything is good and saint if it is done according to the will of God. God shows us is will day by day in precarious and in liberty of the sons of God. Where the doors are opening there is the Lord. I am not interested in being a super and egocentric artist nor to make a God of myself. I recognize that I am a creature of God, son of God, poor and needed of God. I belong to the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. The Catholic Church needs the artists as the artist needs the Church, his word, liturgy and community. My spiritual way goes by the humility, simplicity, and praise where the other is Christ and where everything that happens to me, good or bad, is the will of God to me, that teaches me and correct me so I could spiritually resemble every day more to his son Jesus Christ that lives and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Works carried out

1992Parroquia Nuestra Señora de las Américas (9x3m.)Santiago, Chile
1993Capilla Santa Teresa de los Andes (6x3m.)Coronel, Chile
1994San Bartolo in Tutto (ayudante Kiki Argüello)Florencia, Italia
1995Capilla San Pedro de las Condes (3,5x6m.)Santiago, Chile
1996Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia (9x3m.)Villa Alemana, Chile
1997Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia (5x4m.)San Felipe, Chile
1998Capilla Vicaría Oeste - Los Discípulos de Emaus(2,5x3m.)Santiago, Chile
1999Capilla Virgen de las Nieves (4x3m.)Santiago, Chile
2000Parroquia de la Santísima Trinidad (ayudante) (25x30m.)Piacenza, Italia
2001Parroquia San Felipe Neri (9x6m.)Veracruz, Mexico
20023 Murales en Catecumenium (9x6m. 6x3m. 6x3m.)Orizaba, Mexico
2003Santa Catalina de Labouré (ayudante)Madrid, España
2006Parroquia Santa Madre de Dios (5x4m.)Santiago, Chile
2006Capilla Juan Pablo II (3x3m.)Santiago, Chile
20076 Murales Capilla Santa Elena (5x6m. 3x4m. 3x4m. 3x4m. 3x2m.)Santiago, Chile
2009Colegio San Francisco de Asís (11x3m.)Santiago, Chile
2011Parroquia Corpus Christi - Alto Jahuel - Cena Mística (9x6m.)Santiago, Chile
2013Parroquia La Sagrada Familia, Pedro de Valdivia NorteSantiago, Chile
2015Parroquia Familia Nazareth (12x6m.)Lagunillas, Coronel, Chile
2008San Lucas GallerySantiago, Chile
2010Exposition in the old theatreZapallar, Chile